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16 Things People in Small Towns Consider Annoying

What would a Hallmark movie be without the action taking place in a small town? That’s because small towns are an essential part of America’s fabric. The general idea is that life in a small town is more relaxed and laid-back, people are friendlier and everything is idyllic. However, not everything about a small town is as delightful and charming as one might think.

Before you give up city life and head to a smaller town, take a look at these 16 things that small town residents consider annoying and irritating. You might want to postpone packing your stuff and continue your city life a little bit longer.

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Things people in small towns consider annoying:

Local carnivals blocking traffic

If you’re visiting a small town, there’s nothing more exciting and fun than attending the local celebrations. But while you’re admiring and enjoying the event, locals have to navigate the extra traffic to get to work or do their daily chores. Nothing spells annoying more than having to deal with 1000 extra cars on the small streets and at the municipal parking.

Tourists saying everything is “adorable”

Sure, small towns are charming and idyllic. But can we please stop calling everything adorable? People in small towns go to work, eat, shop and do all the things that urban residents do, so what’s so adorable about that?

The local grocery store or gas station are far from being that outstanding to deserve the oohs and aahs they always get from tourists.

Always running into someone you know

Life in the big city comes with the perk of being able to shop anytime you want, without meeting anyone and having to do polite small talk. On the other hand, in small towns, the local grocery store has a certain schedule that residents have to comply with. This means that the chances of running into someone you know are 110 percent. That’s why shopping in your PJ might not be such a good idea!

No delivery options

Should you crave some late-night Chinese food on a Saturday, you can forget about it in a small town. That’s because there aren’t that many delivery options, especially not ones that deliver past a certain hour in the evening. Your only options are to either go to the local diner (not too late though, cause it won’t stay open forever), order pizza (again!) or stay hungry.

People always gossiping

In small towns, there are always people that know everything. Every newcomer, every old or new couple, who’s dating who, who’s feuding with who, you name it. You might not know everyone in your town, but you can bet your bottom dollar that someone knows you and your endeavors.

That one time you got home a little bit tipsy? Yeah, your family, neighbors, the priest and your school teacher know all about it.

Newcomers acting like Columbus

We don’t know why but it’s a common occurrence for new residents to act like they are the first people to set foot in the small town they moved to. Annoying much? Just because you fixed up a desolate inn or opened a new business in town, doesn’t make you one of its Founding Fathers.

Driving your kids everywhere

Life with children in a small town might seem easy but residents of such towns will tell you otherwise. That’s because there aren’t many options in terms of accessibility by foot; until your kids can drive on their own, you either take them everywhere or stay home with them.

Mandatory parades

If you weren’t able to attend your small town’s Christmas parade, your absence was surely noticed and frowned upon. No matter how easy going such events might seem for outsiders, small town residents put a lot of effort into organizing them. Therefore, participation is virtually mandatory and absence is disapproved.

Hostility toward newcomers

If you’re new in a small town, don’t get you hopes up when it comes to residents’ hospitality. No matter if you have relatives there or you lived there when you were just a kid, some might still give you the side eye for being an outsider.

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Tourists photographing everything

Do you think being in a crowded city or navigating the big city traffic is difficult? Imagine how dozens of people taking photos of everything they see look like in a small town. Apart from the annoying fact that they stop to post everything window or mailbox on Facebook and Instagram, the resulting traffic is also giving residents hell.

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Limited entertainment options

Going out on a Friday night in a small town might mean a handful of things: either visit a friend, have dinner at the local diner or go by car to a bigger city nearby for some real fun. But a visit to another city might mean driving more than intended, so this option is not exactly for everyone.

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Limited housing options

A well-paid job in a smaller town might seem like a blessing. You escape the big city, hectic life and move to a charming small town with a tight-knit community, have a house with a big porch and picket fence. Well, things might not be as pleasant as they seem at first sight. That’s because small towns usually have limited housing options and even if you do find something, it will probably not match what you had in the city.

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Finding a parking spot

If parking in a big city is difficult, imagine finding a parking space in a small town where space is limited as it is. If the small town is also visited by tourists on a regular basis, an empty parking spot is next to impossible to find. If you’re willing to walk, parking at the supermarket might be an option, if you’re lucky to find a place there, that is.

Job hunting

Finding a job is not easy, not even in big cities. In small towns, this endeavor is even more difficult as the offer is limited. Apart from limited options, don’t expect to receive the same salary you had when working in the urban area. Not to mention you might have to go through an interview with one of your former high school classmates that always failed tests.

Seeing your exes all the time

Break-ups are never easy. But having to see your exes all the time, every time you go shopping, see a movie, have a drink at the bar or attend a Christmas party is torture. Even if the break-up was mutually decided, it’s still annoying to run into your ex at every corner.

Lack of options for date night

Dating apps like Tinder can’t help you out when there is a limited number of single people to choose from. It’s especially difficult if you’ve lived there your entire life and know every single thing there is to know about everyone; and the things you know aren’t working in their favor. Not to mention you might end up dating a distant cousin you’ve met when you were a kid and don’t remember anymore.

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