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Want to Take Your Camper Out? Here Are 8 American Spots to Visit

Are You in The Mood for Camping?

Hitting the road in a camper van is definitely one of the most exciting and spiritual ways to experience the beauties of this country and to find yourself again. There are so many camping options in this country, it would honestly be a shame not to visit at least some of them.

You can go hike countless national parks of unmatched beauty, eat in local towns, and drive from one coast to another in your beloved retro camper van. Can you wish for anything else? Don’t think so. As the trip unfolds, you will realize that some states are better suited for van campers than others.

For example, the states of the Southwest have a wide diversity of landscapes within their free public spaces. On the other side, the East Coast will impress you with its stunning fall colors and historic towns that you’ve only seen in books.

As every state adds something unique to this adventure, a couple of places will really impress you. And if you get to cross the entire continental United States, you will see that the list narrows down to these 10 places that we enlisted especially for you:

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Two words: pine forests and craggy coasts. Well, four words, but you get the gist. Driving into Maine from the northwest side will reveal some of the most beautiful and tallest pine trees, skinny roads, and zero cell phone service for quite a while.

This is exactly the stuff you might find in a novel by Stephen King, which definitely makes the trip way more exciting. If you camp in northern Maine, you will notice how the entire landscape smells exactly like Christmas trees. As you slowly head towards the coast, you will reach Acadia National Park, where the mountains greet the ocean. It is spectacular.

New York

Not the city, the upstate. We’re gonna be honest with you: it wasn’t easy to put New York State on our top-10 list, especially since it shares so many lovely things with Vermont and New Hampshire. Probably the most famous one is the fall foliage.

It’s absolutely breathtaking. However, New York makes the cut only because of its surprising range of geography. From Eternal Flame Falls in the state’s far west all the way to the cozy wineries in the Finger Lakes, there’s a little something for everyone.

Moreover, the watchtower hikes all the way up high in the Adirondacks, so much so that you will barely find time to visit everything. But it’s so worth it!


Nothing compares with the Great Smoky Mountains in the fall. Nothing. That’s probably one of the reasons why it is one of the most visited locations in the whole country around that time. As you visit the park and drive through Tennessee in the fall, you will definitely gaze at the rolling mountains and waterfalls that complete the entire landscape.

If you travel in a camper van, you will constantly be on the lookout for affordable things you can do. The mountain town of Gatlinburg is the ideal getaway for enjoying free trails in and around the national park. However, if you ask me, I bet you will spend the majority of the time hiking through the colorful forests and climbing fire towers to catch the best viewpoint.


In Cali, you will experience a little bit of everything. If you had to choose one state where you can experience a bit of everything, you would probably narrow all your choices to California. It has an impressive ecosystem that’s so incredibly varied, that you don’t even need to drive too far to witness something new every day.

As a matter of fact, the place is large and diverse enough to fool you into thinking there’s more than one state in there. And despite its increasing popularity, the wide size of its public lands facilitates finding campsites easily, which is also great.

Within a couple of days, you can spend beautiful evenings under the famous redwood trees, picnic by the ocean, and wander without destination among the cacti of Death Valley National Park.


Also known as the cradle of American history, Pennsylvania is by far one of the most memorable states you can visit. You get to spend an entire day taking an auto tour around the Gettysburg National Military Park and visit the battlefields brought to life by the history we studied in school.

Eastern State Penitentiary and the Valley Forge National Historic Park are other must-see stops that we didn’t know about before visiting the state. And as federal public land is quite sparse here, Pennsylvania has a series of state parks that will offer free, easily accessible camping.

Photo by mr_bom from Shutterstock


With some of the most beautiful lakes and pristine beaches you will ever see, Michigan is definitely a place that will impress you. From its southern stretches all the way to the Upper Peninsula, Michigan boasts an impressive number of beaches that are still hidden from the tourist-y radar.

Probably one of the most beautiful places you can go to is Lake Superior, which also has plenty of room for camping. You can have a nice dinner on a pebble beach after visiting all the lighthouses around Great Lakes.

You will easily find plenty of camping spots all the way north to the UP, and since you’re there, you can try the whitefish and the meat pies along the way. During summertime, bushes brim with delicious berries to pick, and farmer markets are simply a delight.


You can see the northern lights on a fall night, which makes the whole experience so worth it. Who doesn’t love Minnesota? Also known as the state of 10,000 lakes, Minnesota never goes out of fishing spots and quiet campsites by the water.

We were lucky enough to travel all the way north to the border of Canada and get into a canoe trip in the Boundary Waters, which is an astounding experience you should definitely have. As Minnesota waters are known to be quite cold, fall is beautiful here. Moreover, the chances to catch the northern lights on a proper cloudless night are huge!


Arizona is filled with natural wonders for everyone, and off-grid travelers are especially welcomed here. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast and love camping, rock climbing, mountain biking and amazing hikes, Arizona is a great place for you.

As most people tend to associate the state with the Grand Canyon, the entire state is filled with adventurous opportunities. Check the free campsites in the forests around Sedona, Flagstaff, and southern Arizona, which makes it one of the most budget-friendly places you can visit throughout the year.

Who doesn’t love Arizona’s warmth and hospitality? After all, the state is known to be a magnet for anyone who wants to travel and go camping. Moreover, every single February, the town of Quartzsite is filled with no less than 2 million travelers, visiting in their camper vans, RVs, and converted school buses. It’s basically a travel festival!

You know what would make your camping experience perfect? A huge, comfy sleeping pad where you and your significant other can rest on, like this one!

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