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First Time Cruiser? Here Are 10 Top Tips For an Unforgettable Experience

There’s an ocean of offers when it comes to going on a cruise. From cruise offers for families to trips around the world and luxurious transatlantic experiences, there’s something to suit the needs and desires of everyone.

If this is your first rodeo, aka if you’re a first-time cruiser, make sure you follow these simple tips to turn your cruise holiday into a magnificent experience.

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Cruise Tips:

  1. Plan your trip

Organization is essential when it comes to planning and booking a trip. You don’t want to ruin a lifetime holiday by not making the right arrangements beforehand, do you? Timely organization and planning is also encouraged by cruise lines by offering all sorts of opportunities for short excursions, dinner deals at your favorite restaurants or massage and spa treatments.

Generally, you can plan and pre-book everything via cruise line apps. You might think you have plenty of time, but it’s best to do it in advance, as shore trips and restaurants are on high demand.

  1. Opt for a longer itinerary

Travel experts recommend opting for longer itineraries to have plenty of time to discover destinations, relax accordingly, get to know the people on the ship and truly enjoy everything at your own pace. Another recommendation is to extend your trip before or after the cruise is over. This way, you can explore the departure city more and either have a more relaxed start or ending on your holiday.

  1. Pack smart

When traveling, it’s always a smart idea to pack lightly. Overpacking is never a good idea, especially on trips where you won’t be using many of the things in your luggage. When it comes to cruises, stick to casual attire and maybe add one or two elegant clothes for restaurant dinners.

Most cruises have a wide variety of clothing options you can buy if you really need something, including laundry services, should you remain without clean options. What you do need to pack is your medical essential and toiletries, as the price may be higher than at specific stores.

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  1. Check the dress codes

If you want to wear your fancy clothes, there are still many cruise lines which offer passengers the opportunity to doll oneself up. Depending on the type of cruise you choose, there will be plenty of occasions to show you’re your entire wardrobe, from resort attires to smart casual, country and more formal clothes.

To know what to put in your luggage, make sure you verify the dress code for the cruise line you opted for. It will simplify the whole packing process.

  1. Cashless

Usually, you cannot pay with cash on cruise ships. The payment procedure you have a personal cruise account anything you buy will be charged to that account. To save important time with the check in and check out, you can connect your credit card to your cruise account in advance. It will also simplify your life and

Cruise ships generally do not accept cash on board and any purchases will be charged to your personal cruise account. Connecting your credit card to your account beforehand will save you time on check in and check out whilst also making life so much easier on board. You can check your account on your stateroom TV or on the app on your phone whilst sailing to keep an eye on your spending.

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  1. Research the ship

From family orientated cruise lines to smaller boutique ships, if you have expectations from what a cruise holiday should look like then be sure to research the ship as well as the cruise line. Opt for a newer vessel if you want the most up to date entertainment and facilities. Make sure to discuss your requirements with our travel consultants and they will be able to find the most well suited ship for all your needs.

As explained by Stewart Chiron, an industry expert, known as “The Cruise Guy“, “you want to make sure that you get paired up and matched with the right cruise line. It can make a tremendous difference,” Chiron says. “You want to book something that is reminiscent of your likes and desires.”

  1. Know what’s included

Not every cruise line is all inclusive so when planning your trip make sure you understand what is included so you can get the most out of your cruise holiday. Think about what you’ll want to do on board – will you want to treat yourself to a day at the spa, to try one of the specialty restaurants or make the most of the extensive cocktail menus? Consider pre-booking a beverage package and spa treatments before you board so you won’t have to worry about the bill whilst you’re there!

  1. Tipping

Tipping, gratuities, service… whatever you call it, it is good to know before cruising whether it is included so you know how much to budget for and ensure you aren’t doubling up on tips where unnecessary! Some luxury cruise lines will have it built into the price, others will add an amount per passenger per day to your account or you may choose to pay for gratuities before travelling. It is always best to double check as each cruise line is different.

  1. Timings

Check in generally starts around 1pm but the majority of cruises won’t depart until the evening. Checking in early will give you the chance to enjoy lunch on board and explore the ship before setting sail. If you’ve got a day at port where you haven’t booked an excursion, think about taking a leisurely breakfast before disembarking – you’ll miss the crowds and get off much quicker.

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  1. Location, location, location

Stateroom location is definitely something to consider before booking your cruise holiday, especially if you have any specific requests. If you are a light sleeper choose a stateroom away from the lifts or if you’re concerned about seasickness then midship is where the rocking will be felt the least. If you’ve always dreamed of watching the sunrise from the comfort of a private balcony then make sure you discuss upgraded stateroom options! Picking the right stateroom will have the ability to transform your cruise holiday from a good one to an unforgettable one.



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