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The 9 Cleanest All-Inclusive Resorts in the US, According to Travel Agents

Which are the cleanest all-inclusive resorts in the country?

Cleanliness is essential to a resort’s success, and some all-inclusive resorts in the US don’t disappoint with their cleanliness ratings and service. Our country’s diverse, spectacular landscape lures many tourists from around the world to explore and see America’s natural wonders.

Beaches, mountains, and all things jaw-dropping—there’s no shortage of spots to discover in the US. But in every destination to visit, tourists also need to find a temporary home where they can find refuge after a day outside.

Let us introduce you to resorts—specifically, all-inclusive resorts. Everything is meticulously thought out and included. Most of all, sparkling clean all-inclusive resorts!

From the most beautiful seas to the most scenic mountain resorts, there’s always something unique to experience in the US, and vacations are even better when cleanliness is top of the line.

This being said, we’ve rounded up some of the cleanest all-inclusive resorts in the US! Check this out!

cleanest all-inclusive resorts
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1. Paradise Stream Resort (Cresco, Pennsylvania)

Paradise Stream Resort is a popular Poconos resort for couples. Tucked away in Lake Eden, a secluded lake in the heart of the Pocono Mountains, this place is a couples-only resort providing fun recreational activities while lovers are also enjoying the lovely view and their romantic accommodation.

As one of the cleanest all-inclusive resorts in the country, the Paradise Stream Resort offers several all-inclusive packages, including the Anniversary Package, which includes nightly entertainment, unlimited breakfast and dinner, sweet treats, horseback riding, romantic suite set-up, complimentary drinks, among others.

The Ultimate Adventure Package is also ideal for daring couples who love the outdoors.

2. Cove Haven Resort (Lakeville, Pennsylvania)

A sister resort of Paradise Stream Resort, Cove Haven Resort is a perfect choice for couples seeking romantic getaways in the mountains (no, not all resorts on this list are couples only).

Located in the Pocono Mountains, the resort offers an all-inclusive stay on the shore of Lake Wallenpaupack, and travel agents note this is one of the cleanest all-inclusive resorts in the country, as lots of couples came up after the vacation with very positive feedback.

All suites are decorated and designed with a romantic touch, including the resort’s famous heart-shaped red whirlpool. There are several all-inclusive packages to choose from, depending on what you and your partner want to do during your stay. Access to five bars and two restaurants with fun nightly live music is also one for the books!

3. Skytop Lodge (Skytop, Pennsylvania)

Yes, Pennsylvania boasts some of the cleanest all-inclusive resorts in the country! Perched atop the spectacular Pocono Mountain, Skytop Lodge has offered 5,500 acres of serenity and awe-inspiring nature since 1928.

Its unwavering sustainability and commitment to preserving the natural world can be seen in all its corners. Travelers will love the spectacular mountain vistas and can choose from any of its several all-inclusive packages, which are perfect for all types of tourists.

Outdoor excursions are popular at Skytop Lodge. There are many exciting activities you can engage in, including axe throwing, fishing, hiking, treetop adventure courses, and more—whatever tickles your fancy.

There’s also an Everything Winter package for fans of winter sports who love snowboarding and skiing—two of the best things to do in the Poconos in the wintertime!

4. Bungalows Key Largo (Florida)

We’re leaving Pennsylvania for Florida, where you can find Bugalows Key Largo, one of the cleanest all-inclusive resorts in the US, with a cleanliness rating of 9.6 out of 10.

Surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico in the Keys, the resort takes discerning adult travelers to the splendor of the Atlantic Ocean. The bungalows have a laid-back cabana lifestyle, with private verandas offering unobstructed lush gardens and waterfront views.

Among the cleanest all-inclusive resorts in the country, Bungalows Key Largo provides unlimited dining at its five restaurants, as well as beachside and poolside dining. As for activities, you’re free to kick off your shoes and play in the water.

You can also go on a leisurely cruise on the bay at the resort’s floating Tiki Bar while sipping cocktails and enjoying the spellbinding sights of the ocean. Staying at this lovely luxury resort is just one of the best things to do in Key Largo!

We’re only halfway through our list of the cleanest all-inclusive resorts in the US, so stay with us to discover other sparkling clean resorts!

mountain resort
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5. Red Mountain Resort (Ivins, Utah)

With a cleanliness rating of 9.1 out of 10, Red Mountain Resort is one of the cleanest all-inclusive resorts travel agents swear by! Among red rock peaks, canyons, and breathtaking views of the natural world, this place is a gateway to Zion National Park, a nature preserve famous for its otherworldly landscape worth the awe-inspiring hype.

This resort provides several all-inclusive packages that tourists can choose from that include healthy lifestyle classes and outdoor adventures. Most of the suites and rooms offer spectacular views of the Red Mountains, are designed with earthy tones, and feature eco-friendly sheets.

There’s also a relaxing spa to get pampered and rejuvenated after a day of exploring the wonders of the spellbinding landscapes of this southwestern charm in Utah.

Oh, by the way, if you need a new carry-on, here’s one that comes at a very affordable price!

6. Alila Ventana Big Sur (California)

Located on the unspoiled coastline of California, Alila Ventana Big Sur is an amazing destination for adults looking for a staycation near the ocean.

As one of the cleanest all-inclusive resorts in the US (it has a cleanliness rate of 9.6 out of 10), this one has private decks, woodburning fireplaces, and hot tubs that are fitted in the rustic-vibe roms with views of the scenic California coast and the forest dotted with redwoods and meadows.

All accommodations include complimentary items for outdoor excursions, a chauffeur service, dining options, reusable water bottles, a private outdoor nook, and access to the resort’s fitness center and Signature Experiences (meditation, daily hikes, Tai Chi, and yoga).

Not only is Alila Ventana Big Sur one of the cleanest all-inclusive resorts in the US, but it is also one of the most affordable resorts in Big Sur.

7. The Lodge at Woodloch (Hawley, Pennsylvania)

Here’s another gem in the Poconos that will both revitalize and bring the body and mind to relaxation. The Lodge at Woodloch is one of the cleanest all-inclusive resorts in the country, specializing in wellness and spa. This can be easily seen through its award-winning Poconos spa, which offers a unique selection of therapy and body treatments.

But that’s not all! Most of the resort’s all-inclusive packages include fitness classes, spa treatments, guided or private hikes, and beautifully crafted gourmet meals served in the restaurant, where the sights of a private lake are splendorous.

And because it’s tucked away in Hawley, which is one of the peaceful Pocono towns, travelers are sure to discover magnificent nature and a rich cultural heritage.

As one of the cleanest all-inclusive resorts in the US, this one has spectacular rooms, each with a private veranda, perfect for those who love languid mornings with stunning views of the lake and the relaxing rock garden waterfall.

florida resort
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8. Little Palm Island Resort & Spa (Little Torch Key, Florida)

A Balinese-inspired gateway and thatched roof bungalows await adults at Little Palm Island Resort & Spa in the lower Keys. What’s even more tempting about the resort is that it’s the only private island resort in the country and is only accessible by seaplane or boat.

Tucked away among tropical foliage, exotic wildlife, and swaying palm trees, this place is one of the cleanest all-inclusive resorts in the US, offering a magical experience for adults, especially couples who want to escape from the hectic city lifestyle.

All-inclusive packages are available for guests, including a $100 spa credit, the Culinary Indulgence package with three-course meals, and a bottle of champagne.

9. The Clement Palo Alto (California)

Located in downtown Palo Alto, The Clement Palo Alto is a spellbinding urban retreat in the hustle and bustle of Silicon Valley and is close to Standford University.

The interiors are decorated and designed with beautiful neutral tones of cream, tan, and brown, and the rooms are all equipped with modern luxury, in-room dining, and high-tech amenities. Guests can work out at the fitness center and relax at the rooftop pool with stunning cabanas overlooking Stanford.

The Clement Palo Alto is one of the cleanest all-inclusive resorts in the US, and those who’ve been here are always pleased with the whole experience, according to travel agents. There are packages that travelers can choose from, including the Anniversary Package and the Ridge Vineyard Package, which include dining options and luxury suite accommodation.

Those who are into technology will also enjoy the location of the resort, especially since tech giants are headquartered in Silicon Valley, including Facebook and Apple.

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