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Best 6 Places in Canada for a Long Weekend Vacation

Adventure in America presents: the best places in Canada for a long weekend vacation!

If you live in the United States or Canada and fancy a long weekend adventure, you’re in the right place. Canada is a gorgeous country, full of amazing landscapes that will take your breath away, such as modern cities and mind-blowing parks.

I remember that the first time I went to Canada, I hit all the tourist spots, such as Niagara Falls, Stanley Park, and Banff Gondola, and I was deeply impressed. I had my Polaroid camera with me, and I kept snapping photos so I could hold on to those memories forever.

I’ve been to Canada a couple of times after, and I discovered new places that I now love, so I can assure you that a weekend vacation is just enough to relax, have fun, move your body, snap lots of photos, and make lovely memories. So if you’re in the mood for an adventure, this article is for you. Here are the best places in Canada for a long weekend vacation!

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1. Quebec City, Quebec

If you want to spend a weekend vacation like a true European, Quebec City should be your destination. You don’t have to cross the Atlantic to seek a fabulous European adventure, because this city is going to blow your mind with its wonderful architecture, interesting national historic sites, incredible food that will satisfy your taste buds, and, of course, the popular cobblestone streets.

Spend your weekend vacation visiting the most charming places, like Citadelle de Québec, Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, the Plains of Abraham, and Montmorency Falls.

The best time to visit this city is from August to October when the weather is gorgeous because the leaves start to fall, the sun is shining, and the days are warm and long.

And if you need a recommendation regarding neighborhoods to seek housing in, I loved staying in Montcalm, Old Quebec, and Saint-Jean-Baptiste.

2. Banff And Canmore, Alberta

If you’re in the mood for a nature adventure, a weekend vacation is just what you need to explore Banff’s fantastic hiking trails. Outdoor lovers will have the time of their lives exploring Canmore and Banff National Park.

Whether you’re a hiking enthusiast or a nature admirer, you’ll love this place. Located in western Alberta, only an hour away from Calgary, these mountain towns will impress everybody thanks to their towering peaks.

If you decide to visit this place on your weekend vacation, make sure you take lots of pictures, because the hiking trails and the glacial lakes are to die for.

My favorite places there are Moraine Lake and Lake Louise, and I enjoyed staying around Lake Louise and downtown Canmore. I had the most wonderful sleep ever, and thanks to the fresh air, my sinuses cleared like crazy.

Banff is a wonderful place to visit, but if you’re on a budget and want to save some money, you could stay in Canmore, which is just as gorgeous.

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3. St. John’s, Newfoundland

Oh, yes, another fabulous place to check out during a weekend vacation in Canada. Travelers who love coastal views and food will love St. John’s. World-class seafood, vibrant coastal residences, and breathtaking views are going to make you fall in love with this place.

Moreover, it is located only a short flight from Ireland and other US East Coast locations. It’s a great spot for a weekend escape, so if you decide to visit one of the loveliest coast towns in Newfoundland, make sure you put Bowring Park on your list.

The weather is gorgeous from May to October, so you can spend as much time as you want outside, and you’ll enjoy the breeziest and coziest days on the coast. If you go there, I recommend you check out a housing complex downtown or in the Quidi Vidi neighborhood, which is rather affordable and perfect for tourists.

4. Toronto, Ontario

If you’re up for a modern and bustling metropolitan area, you need to add Toronto to your weekend vacation list. This is Canada’s biggest city and also one of the most popular ones. It’s known for being a key point in the entertainment industry, and lots of people move there for financial and technological departments.

Thanks to that, you can expect to see people from all cultures, which adds to the beauty of Toronto. Make sure you check out the festivals in the city, which are usually in the summer, like the Toronto Food Truck Festival and the Toronto Festival of Beer.

The food is exceptional, without a doubt, and it is one of the best destinations you could explore on a weekend vacation. Don’t forget to visit the CN Tower, because it’s impressive, and I recommend you also check out the Royal Ontario Museum and Casa Loma.

If you’re looking for housing that is close to the city and still budget-friendly, check out The Annex, Bloor, Yorkville, and Queens Quay.

5. Vancouver, British Columbia

This one is for the people who want the best of both worlds: city life and the gorgeous nature that makes everything look better and more romantic. I don’t know about you, but I love the combination of nature and modern architecture, like you see in NYC, for instance.

However, if you’re thinking about booking a weekend vacation in Canada, Vancouver could be the one for you. This one is only a short drive from Seattle, Washington, and a light flight from Toronto or Calgary.

You can spend three incredible days in Vancouver or rent a vehicle and have fun driving the Sea to Sky Highway to Squamish, which is nearby.

You’ll love this one because it looks like the sea meets the sky, and it will make you feel like the main character of a 2000s movie. If you go to Vancouver on your weekend vacation, make sure you visit Stanley Park, the Vancouver Aquarium, and the VanDusen Botanical Garden.

You can look for a place to stay in Gastown or Yaletown, and I guarantee you’ll have the time of your life. Keep reading to discover other incredible Canadian destinations for a lovely weekend vacation.

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6. Tofino, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

This one is for all surf lovers! We’re almost done talking about these great Canadian destinations for a weekend vacation, but if you love water and sandy beaches, Tofino, Vancouver Island, is a marvelous place for you.

The most popular attraction here is the Pacific Rim National Park, and no doubt thousands of people come here each year. It looks out of the world. If you want to test the ocean and enjoy nature at its finest, I recommend you visit this place from March to October, when the weather is nice and warm.

And if you’re curious about the best area to stay in, I would check out Ucluelet and Tofino Proper. Make sure you visit the Roy Henry Vickers Gallery, Chesterman Beach, and Tonquin Park, and if you want to have some physical memories, this Polaroid camera will serve you well. Check it out here; you’re going to love it!

What do you think about these Canadian destinations for a lovely weekend vacation? Would you consider visiting any of these places? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts. And if you have any other weekend vacation recommendations, feel free to share them with us.

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