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10 Stunning Frozen Lakes That Are Pure Winter Magic

These pictures of stunning frozen lakes will leave you in awe!

A frozen lake in winter is a sight for sore eyes and inspires a sense of wonder for nature. This kind of setting is common across the world; in each of the places above, winter is part of the season and provides a playground for various outdoor sports like hiking and skating.

If you’ve never skated on a frozen lake, this is your chance to do it; it could be the best winter experience ever! It feels magical, and the lake’s beauty and crystal-clear water add more fun to the whole experience.

If you’re looking for new adventures and unique places to explore this winter, we’re about to show you some spellbinding places that are testaments to the extraordinary artistry that winter unveils. Here are ten stunning frozen lakes you’ll want to see!

stunning frozen lakes
Photo by Ellery Lake from Shutterstock

1. Ellery Lake, California

As one of the most stunning frozen lakes in the US, Ellery Lake features crystal-clear water that will naturally grip the attention of every visitor. The lake is breathtaking in the summer, but it’s even more impressive in the winter when the lake freezes.

If you love hiking, you’ll want to know that there are no official trails to hike around the area. In other words, visitors can just sit back and marvel at this stunning natural beauty or walk across it to fully immerse themselves in the wonder. You can even see your reflection in the icy waters!

Moreover, the lake, alongside its campground, is pretty close to Yosemite National Park, and you can easily plan for a double adventure in winter. The best time to see Ellery Lake frozen is January. This type of experience requires wearing a hat, scarf, and gloves. Here’s where you can find some brand-new ones!

2. Lake Morey, Vermont

Our country has several stunning frozen lakes, and Lake Morey is also one of them. This magnificent lake in Vermont is a scenic natural beauty that tempts every outdoor enthusiast. It boasts 4.5 miles of natural outdoor skating trails over its frozen waters, making it the longest ice skating trail in the United States.

The trail is free to use, but you need to rent equipment for skating at the resort by the lake. (That is, if you don’t already own one.) Once you’re equipped, you’re free to explore this frozen body of water on a magical winter adventure. Plus, the charming lake views are complemented by the imposing setting of the snow-white mountains.

Similar to other stunning frozen lakes, the best time to see this one is in January.

3. Lake Vanern, Sweden

Like the US, Europe also has a bunch of stunning frozen lakes. Lake Vanern is another example that is renowned for its frozen state during the winter. It’s Sweden’s largest lake, and historically, it was the site of the Battle on the Ice of Lake Vanern, which is a 6th-century war fought right on the ice of the frozen lake.

While the event is now part of history, the body of water continues to turn into a winter wonderland every cold season and attracts visitors who come to enjoy skating here. The place also transforms into a massive outdoor winter complex where hikers, skaters, and bikers create unforgettable winter experiences.

The best time to see Lake Vanern frozen is from mid-November to early April.

frozen lakes
Photo by Richard Cavalleri from Shutterstock

4. Lac de Joux, Switzerland

Nestled within the picturesque mountains of Jura in Canton Vaud, Lac de Joux is one of the largest and most stunning frozen lakes in Switzerland. According to some reviews, it is irresistibly adorable and a must if you visit the area in the winter.

Once the temperatures reach freezing point, the magnificent lake turns into ice and offers one of the largest free ice-skating rinks in Europe. Visitors troop in from all corners of the country and beyond to capture its natural beauty and exploit its cold state to skate, bike, walk, and just play around. The views around the lake are further enhanced by the imposing frames of the Jura Mountains.

Similar to other stunning frozen lakes, the best time to see the Lac de Joux frozen is from December to March.

5. Blue Pond, Hokkaido, Japan

The Shirogane Blue Pond is definitely one of the most stunning frozen lakes that exist. Having a striking light blue color, the lake is located on the Japanese island of Hokkaido.

What’s special about it is that it’s man-made and was created to shield Biei town from the volcanic mud of Mount Tokachi when it erupted in the 1980s. Once a necessity, the lake has since risen to become one of the most popular tourist attractions on the island thanks to its lovely blue colors.

In winter, the Blue Pond becomes even more breathtaking as it freezes while housing its elegant and dried trees. The best time to see it is from November to April.

Read on to discover other stunning frozen lakes!

6. Grey Lake, Chile

Nestled within Torres Del Paine National Park in the Patagonian wilderness of Chile, Grey Lake is one of the world’s most famous wildernesses. Grey Glacier, a marvelous glacier in the Southern Patagonia Ice Field, supplies Grey Lake with ice-cold water, which freezes completely when winter temperatures strike.

The lake then becomes a breathtaking spectacle for every visitor, making it one of the most stunning frozen lakes that exist. Visitors are amazed by the striking light blue color of the water and the spellbinding backdrop of the Paine Grande Mountains. Moreover, there are a couple of icebergs on the lake that add to the scenic beauty.

7. Abraham Lake, Canada

Abraham Lake is one of Canada’s most magnificent and scenic lakes across all seasons. However, the beauty of it in winter is matchless. Aside from its frozen state, there are thick air bubbles below the lake’s surface, which are visible to the eye thanks to the water’s crystal-clear quality.

An interesting phenomenon, the bubbles are produced by flammable methane gas trapped beneath the ice and will pop in the spring months when the weather warms up. However, before things get warmer, they make this lake one of the most stunning frozen lakes in Canada and the world.

The best time to visit it is from late December through February.

frozen lakes
Photo by Vadym Lavra from Shutterstock

8. Jokulsarlon, Iceland

Wonder and beauty are the best words to properly describe Jokulsarlon Lake in the breathtaking and naturally endowed Iceland. Not only is it the deepest lake in Iceland, measuring 932, but it’s also considered a natural Icelandic wonder.

Although Jokulsarlon doesn’t freeze in winter, it’s a great time to see the already-frozen icebergs that float like giants on the water. Not to mention that the magical Northern Lights appear above the lagoon during this season, making the place even more spellbinding. The best time to visit the lake to see both the floating icebergs and the Northern Lights is from December to March.

9. Lake Superior, North America

Lake Superior is a spectacular glacier lake in Central America and part of the Great Lakes of North America. It’s the largest freshwater lake in the area, and when winter hits hard, parts of that huge area freeze.

What’s unique about this lake is that it has some caves within the Apostles Islands National Lakeshore region that add to its wonder. Compared to other stunning frozen lakes, this one rarely gets completely frozen, but this doesn’t make it less special.

The last time Lake Superior was entirely frozen was in 1996.

10. Lake Baikal, Russia

Located in south-central Russia near the Mongolian border, Lake Baikal has a few world records to its name. It’s the world’s largest, deepest, and oldest freshwater lake by volume. It’s also one of the most stunning frozen lakes in the world, if not the No. 1, according to some.

The truth is that the otherworldly frozen state of this lake is pretty hard to beat. Frozen for four months of the year (from January to April), Lake Baikal is definitely something you’ve never experienced. Even cars can drive along it!

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