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Here’s an American Town to Visit for Every Month of 2024

Where Do We Go This Month?

Whether you live in the United States or on the other side of the world, you have to admit that America is an absolutely astounding place to travel. What’s also true is that the US is a huge country, and each and every city you might decide to visit will bring a completely different experience. Here, you will see a set of glamorous resorts, hikes through national parks, wide-open beaches, and super-packed cities (and many other wonderful things).

Besides, you’ve also got the weather element. For instance, the holiday in Alaska will be quite different from Las Vegas; that’s a sure thing. What you want is to start planning accordingly. As a matter of fact, our biggest tip is to choose where you will go in the United States, depending on a particular time of the year. Here are some of the best places to visit in 2024, for every month of the year.

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January: Colorado

There’s really no secret that Colorado ski resorts are probably the best ones in the country. However, that’s not everything this state has to offer for all outdoor enthusiasts during the winter. You should try your hand at heli-skiing (if you don’t know what it means, it’s when they drop you from a helicopter rather than a ski lift) in the astounding backcountry of Telluride.

If that’s not your jam, bask in the natural hot springs in Steamboat Springs, or simply embrace the winter camping and dog sledding at the refurbished mine town of Dunton Hot Springs, where you will instantly find an Old West saloon, the opportunity to ice climb, and naturally, more hot springs.

February: Yellowstone National Park

This worldly-famous Wyoming National Park never ceases to surprise us. Even if we totally get why it’s mainly visited in warmer months, if you are able to get there in February, you will definitely be in for an astounding treat, especially since the entire place managed to transform into an other-worldly wintery wilderness.

Animals are way easier to stop in the snow, so expect to see a big bison anytime. On top of that, it’s worth mentioning that the steam from geysers is way more pronounced.

March: Hawaii

Hawaii definitely enjoys the beautiful weather and comfortable temperatures throughout the year, especially with its thermometers reliably staying above 79 degrees Fahrenheit and below 88 degrees Fahrenheit.

In spite of everything, it can actually get better, as March and April are especially pleasant times to visit, slipping in between the spring and summer vacation seasons. From the immense volcanoes on the Big Island (I’m talking about Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa, and Kilauea), and also the Na Pali cliffs on Kauai, to the serene beaches of Oahu, wherever you may go in the state, it’s simply stunning.

In case you have to pick only one spot to see while you’re there, we highly recommend heading to the very top of Maui, where the Haleakala crater with its immense caldera’s landscape is simply taken out of this world.

April: Washington, DC

Yes, Washington is a historic city that keeps evolving. Believe it or not, even now, museums are breaking ground. There’s truly no better reason to head to Washington, D.C., this spring, especially because you’ll be able to enjoy the cherry blossom season.

As Japan’s cherry blossom season always seems to be in the spotlight, Washington, D.C., has a pretty decent one too (pretty decent is actually quite an understatement), as it typically spans late March into early April.

Probably the best place to watch it is the Tidal Basin, because that’s the place with the 3,000 trees transformed by radiant blooms. Moreover, you can still get your obligatory selfie with the White House, Lincoln Memorial, and National Mall if you’re in town.

May: The Mighty Five

You have no idea where The Mighty Five are. Well, it’s right in the middle of Utah’s wild landscape, which is also connected by five of the most important national parks. We’re talking about Zion, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Canyonlands, and Arches.

There’s also a rather iconic Monument Valley, which is in the vicinity of the Navajo nation. You might have seen it on the big screen in almost every John Wayne western. If you’re wondering if it’s still the same, well, it definitely hasn’t changed a lot. In all these five destinations, you might notice massive sandstone formations, twisty slot canyons, and dark skies popping stars.

Photo by Binson Calfort from Shutterstock

June: The West Coast

I think it’s time to hear about the road trip to Klaxon because, in June, California and the Pacific Northwest are calling us. If you want to avoid the July 4th frenzy, when virtually all the roads in the United States will be jammed with long weekenders on their quest to family barbecues and baseball games, then you should schedule a vacation in June.

It’s just as sunny and warm, but less crowded. If you have the option, try taking the whole month to discover the best sights on the West Coast. Whether you want to catch some sunny rays in San Diego, forest bathe in Oregon, tour the streets of Seattle, or even enjoy the only non-rainy season in Vancouver, this part of North America is as diverse as it gets.

July: Alaska

July is a truly amazing month to watch the caribou, wolves, and golden eagles in Denali National Park, but also the grizzly bears, who are on their own quest to hunt salmon to fatten up before tapping into their 6-month-long sleep.

They also nibble on the season’s abundant berries. As a matter of fact, blueberries are even fatter and juicier in Alaska, and you can easily find and taste them on any hike around the beautiful Glacier Bay National Park.

August: Acadia National Park and Mount Desert Island

At the furthest point of the northeastern coastline of America is Acadia National Park, which encompasses Mount Desert Island (where you will find the beautiful Bar Harbor) and beyond. Crashing Atlantic Ocean waves mend with the rocky beaches, and the massive granite rock formations loom and silence the forests, lakes, and ponds in their vicinity.

As soon as you get in contact with this beautiful island sanctuary, you will feel blessed. And probably hungry, but it’s a good thing you can try Maine’s famed lobster roll.

September: Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The Great Smoky Mountains are undeniably America’s most visited national park. They’re also a place where the easygoing rhythm of the South blends with an outdoor lover’s heaven.

If you want to watch it, hike in to reach the lovely waterfalls and views filled with mountains and forests, fish for trout in a quiet stream, or even better, photograph the riot of colors during the autumn foliage change. You could also run into someone on a quest to hike the Appalachian Trail, which is over 70 miles of the 2,190-mile path that runs through this gorgeous national park.

October: New Mexico

There’s way more to New Mexico than the desert. If you want to see it yourself, then visit Albuquerque, because that’s where you’ll get the chance to witness the eye-popping International Balloon Fiesta and admire the hundreds of technicolor hot air balloons on their way to a spectacular ascent.

With its seemingly endless skies and breathtaking sunrises, this is probably the largest balloon festival in the world. And since you’re there, you should make time to visit Santa Fe.

November: Las Vegas

The names of the artists who are getting their own residencies in Las Vegas are becoming increasingly relevant (two examples: Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars). Along with them, so does the city’s credibility as an entertainment destination. So if you have the option, make sure you catch the show while you’re out and about in Sin City, especially since temperatures are cool this time of the year.

December: Miami

The Magic City is not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when talking about the art and culture scene. However, it frequently hosts all sorts of works and exhibitions from established international artists.

You don’t even have to be an industry insider or very rich to have some fun here. There are a ton of fringe events that happen outside the main convention center at Miami Beach at the same time. You can check out the public sculpture and all the other pop-ups, gallery events, and installations that have made “Art Week” so special.

And when you decide to visit any of these locations, make sure you take photographs! For that, you might need a Fujifilm Instax Mini 11!

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