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These 10 Travel Trends Are “Out” in 2024

Let’s talk about travel trends!

Many times, people find themselves in a routine with their vacations. They might save money and plan a trip that never takes place because the timing never feels right, or they wind up going to the same place every year out of habit.

To be honest, this can make vacations dull and boring. People should remember that vacations aren’t just for relaxing but also for trying and exploring new things. When they break loose from the same old travel habits they’ve been used to for years, trips can become rejuvenating and exciting again.

Some travel trends from the last few decades that relied heavily on luxury and decadence came at the expense of exploring vacation locales in the way they were intended. While the two aren’t mutually exclusive,  nowadays trends are shifting to benefit health and well-being, be more eco-conscious, and slow down to truly relax.

Here are some travel trends that are becoming less popular in 2024!

travel trends
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1. Flying private jets

In the past, taking private jets instead of commercial airlines was a trendy thing if there was a large group traveling together. The cost, when split, was usually cheaper than first class, and the experience was far more elegant and glamorous.

But flying privately is also a massive polluter of the environment. Because of that, more people are looking for ways to explore the world that are more environmentally friendly.

In fact, traveling by train is expected to be one of the most popular travel trends in 2024. Not only does it allow people to slow down and enjoy their vacation and see new places in a way that they wouldn’t have otherwise seen by plane, but it’s healthier for the environment as well.

2. Huge bucket-list vacations

Vacations are something to be enjoyed. And while there are travel destinations that are on people’s bucket lists, those trips are often lengthy. Because of that, people tend to come up with excuses (many of which are justifiable) as to why they cannot take their trip.

From guilt about being away for too long, family to work responsibilities, or even thinking there are better things to do with the money, a reason always pops up, and in the end, a vacation or any sort is not taken. However, this is among the travel trends that people seem to leave behind.

Instead of this dichotomy of being all or nothing, taking mini-vacations or small trips could be a better idea. Not only is it better for mental health to take a break and get away for a couple of days, but you’re also more likely to actually take the vacation and be able to recharge your batteries instead of waiting years to go on a vacation.

3. Traveling to areas deemed to be “touristy”

Places that have been deemed tourist-friendly destinations in the past are starting to lose some of their shine. This is because the luster that once was in major tourist places has become more of a spot to sell trinkets to those visiting rather than experiencing life as residents do or getting an idea of local culture.

Well, travel trends seem to change a bit because now vacations are more exciting if they are off the beaten path. Not being overwhelmed by the crowds and being able to take in a special location in all of its beauty is far more appealing. Better still, it’s far more memorable to travel to destinations that are lesser-known and unspoiled.

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4. Feeling guilty about having a pampered day in the hotel room

There are times on vacation when the idea of just relaxing sounds magical. Staying in your hotel room, watching movies, wearing plush white robes, and ordering room service—tempting, isn’t it?

However, people tend not to do this because they think it’s a waste of time to stay in the hotel room instead of going out and exploring the sights. But this is one of those travel trends that is becoming less popular in 2024.

Vacations are meant to be relaxing. Hotel rooms are now being picked because they are comfortable and inviting. Therefore, if staying in the room one day is something that you want, do it. Relax. See the movie you put off seeing and catch some sleep, even if the trip isn’t a sleep-themed vacation.

Don’t feel bad. Being refreshed to explore makes a gateaway far more enjoyable than it would be when exhausted.

Read on to discover other travel trends that are “out” in 2024!

travel trends
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5. Creating itineraries that don’t allow for relaxation and rest

Oftentimes, vacations are planned with a long itinerary. It makes sense to have a plan in place before arriving at the destination because you want to experience everything the location offers.

However, similar to other travel trends, this one seems too overrated, and people start to realize that trying to do a lot of this in a short timeframe can cause fatigue and stress.

Instead of trying to cram lots of activities into a trip, aim to pick what is most important to explore and allow for free days to just relax and enjoy the sights without being on a schedule.

6. Only vacationing in sunny locales

Many people fall into the trap of thinking that a vacation is only truly enjoyable if it’s warm and sunny. This is mostly because trending vacations from the Caribbean or other white-sand beach destinations are often featured as the best places to go on a trip.

While past travel trends pointed in this direction and these places are fun to visit, there is more to explore than the ocean, sand, and sun.

Try picking places based on their history and beauty rather than the amount of sun that they get each year. Visit destinations where it rains a good portion of the time. Take trips to places where it’s foggy. By doing this, new scenery unfolds that would otherwise not be seen, and activities other than snorkeling, sunbathing, and being out in the water can be enjoyed.

7. Only traveling with someone or groups of people

Traveling solo is one of the travel trends that have been gaining popularity in the past few years. People have realized that they can’t wait around for others to see their desired destinations, so they either explore travel spots on their own or find groups of other solo wanderers to explore with.

Generational travel is also becoming a hot trend. This enables families to enjoy a vacation together, from grandparents to grandkids. Many times, the destinations are chosen because they hold particular meaning to the older generation, which makes the vacation that much more memorable and magical.

8. Vacationing during peak season

One of the travel trends losing ground is visiting places during their peak seasons. It makes sense that many people take vacations during the peak season because this is when it’s most convenient to travel.

Work slows down, kids are out of school, and schedules can be cleared. However, this is also when everyone else wants to go on vacation, meaning that the travel destination will be crowded and the reservations will be more expensive.

If possible, choose an off-season period to visit a desired travel spot. Not only will the place look different from what it would during the busiest season, but more often than not, incentives are offered for vacations, hospitality staff are more attentive, and money goes further than it otherwise would.

travel trends
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9. Leaving footprints while traveling

Nowadays, travel trends are more into taking care of the planet, not ruining it. The trend while on vacation used to be exploring everything a place had to offer, regardless of the cost to the environment. While the economy of the travel spot thrives, the ecology starts to suffer.

This has led to a trend of being more aware of how travel destinations are explored. This being said, one of the most popular travel trends right now is being more eco-conscious and leaving as few footprints as possible when visiting a new place.

Vacations are even being geared around environmental conservation, and tourists are working to leave the destination in better shape than when they arrived.

10. Eating rare delicacies

It used to be a trend to travel to far-off locations and try delicacies that could not be found anywhere else. Nevertheless, as the animal population keeps on declining, this type of activity has slowly turned into one of those travel trends that people leave behind.

Tourists are now more interested in being eco-friendly, which is why they choose to eat while on vacation. Because of that, traditional meals that are made from what is in season and abundant are desired instead to help protect the animal species that are at risk of becoming endangered.

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