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Top 5 Biggest Cruise Ships to Sail the Seas

These are the biggest cruise ships of the moment!

If we look through history, we will notice that all vessels were the “biggest cruise ships” of their generation, but you need to know that all of these ships have something in common: these floating giants have some amenities that rival those of luxury resorts! This makes them great vacation destinations.

It is incredible how much entertainment these ships can hold. From fancy restaurants and bars to zip lines, roller coasters, and go-kart tracks, you can find many surprising activities on the biggest cruise ships in the world. What makes this even more exciting is that hidden cruise features are often waiting for you to discover them.

Do you feel ready for a trip on some of the biggest cruise ships? Here are all the details you need to know.

biggest cruise ships
Photo by EWY Media from Shutterstock

1. Wonder of the Seas (Width: 215 feet; Length: 1,188 feet; Cruise line: Royal Caribbean)

When talking about the biggest cruise ships, we need to start with the one that completely changed this industry. We are presenting you with the crown jewel of the seas, none other than Wonder of the Seas.

This maritime marvel has a guest capacity of 7,084, a length of 1,188 feet, and a width of 215 feet. This is so much more than a ship. It is a floating metropolis that awaits you with endless opportunities for relaxation and adventure.

The cruise that holds this ship, Royal Caribbean, is proud to take care of one of the biggest cruise ships in the world and awaits you every week on the deck of Wonder of the Seas with shows, meals, activities, and most importantly, beautiful memories.

With 2,204 crew members, 16 guest decks, 20 dining destinations, and more than 10 bars, you can be sure that you will never get bored on this ship. But wait, there is more. If you want to take the shortcut, you have a dry slide that twists down 10 decks! Also, there is an ice skating rink, a couple of surfing simulators, and a laser tag arena.

2. Costa Toscana (Width: 137 feet; Length: 1,105 feet; Cruise line: Costa Cruises)

In March 2022, Costa Toscana became one of the biggest cruise ships, and if you ask us, it truly is a large ship that can hold 6,600 souls at once and has a crew of 1,678 workers that will make sure you will have the best experience while you are on board.

Being one of the biggest cruise ships makes this a vessel that has a lot of potential to harm the environment. The good news is that Costa Toscana uses LNG (liquefied natural gas) propulsion engines, which makes the ship more sustainable.

When it comes to accommodation, you can find anything from elaborate suites to simple individual cabins. There are 1,550 staterooms you can choose from. Other than that, there are 20 bars, restaurants, and lounges; a couple of pools and whirlpools; and, for sure, lots of fun.

One of the main attractions you can’t miss if it ever happens to you to find yourself on board the new flagship vessel of Costa is the skywalk that lets you take a walk 213 feet above the ocean.

3. World Europa (Width: 154 feet; Length: 1,093 feet; Cruise line: MSC)

With a guest capacity of 6,762 people, this is for sure one of the biggest cruise ships! It is held by MSC, which is a private company, and embarked on its maiden voyage in 2022. World Europa sails in the Mediterranean Sea, and one of the coolest things about this boat is that it uses only clean marine fuels to get its power.

World Europa is well known as being one of the biggest cruise ships that also offers some of the best accommodations because what makes it so different is that most rooms have a balcony that gives you the chance to look at the beautiful blue sea.

Before, we told you about the dry slide that can be found on Wonder of the Seas, but the one you can find on this ship is the longest one in the world and can help you fast-travel no less than 12 decks.

If you want more adventure, check out the SportsPlex Arena and take a ride in the bumper cars. Here is also the place where you can find rollerblading events. If you want something more relaxing, you can go for a swim in one of the six pools. Or you can dine at one of the 10 restaurants.

4. Encore (Width: 136 feet; Length: 1,094 feet; Cruise line: Norwegian)

Encore is for sure one of the biggest cruise ships, and this is why it is here on this list. What makes this vessel so special is that it is one of the ships that uses the ship-within-a-ship concept.

With 2,000 staterooms and 1,700 crew members, you can be sure you’ll feel like a haven here. Actually, you can take a room in “The Haven,” which is the private part of the ship and comes with non-stop butler service and also a tranquil and lavish sundeck.

Prepare for adventure and have fun on the multi-deck go-kart track, or try the virtual-reality gaming room. One of the main attractions you can find on this ship is the Cavern Club music venue, and what makes it so special is the fact that it was designed after the room in Liverpool where The Beatles sang and became who they are today.

biggest cruise ships
Photo by StudioPortoSabbia from Shutterstock

5. Euribia (Width: 141 feet; Length: 1,085 feet; Cruise line: MSC)

Of all the biggest cruise ships we have had until now, this is the newest. The first time people embarked on this vessel and set sail was in June 2023. When you decide to take this cruise, you will visit world-class destinations in the Mediterranean and Northern Europe.

What can you do while on board, you might ask? There are five pools and one of the most amazing and elaborate waterparks you can find on a cruise ship. Do you want more? You need to know that every person who embarks on Erubia will have lots of personal space—more than 100 square feet per person.

The places for rest, leisure, and fun may easily host more than 1,000 people at once. If we move inside, we will find a beautiful Mediterranean-style promenade that awaits us with several stores, as well as some of the ship’s 20 bars and 10 restaurants. Also, something that caught our eye immediately is the domed LED screen that has the role of displaying various animations, such as the sky and many more.

In terms of environmentalism, we can easily say that MSC strikes again, as Erubia is equipped with an onboard wastewater treatment system. This means the water that leaves the ship is treated beforehand, so there is no more dirty water released into the ocean.

There are many things you need to pack when you are going on a cruise ship, but there is one thing that most people forget to take, and it can truly save the day. We are talking about a waterproof phone pouch. With so much water around from all the pools, it can be a good idea to have one with you: 4 Pack Universal Waterproof Phone Pouch

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