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8 Fascinating Yet Bizarre Places Weirder Than the Bermuda Triangle

Which weird and bizarre places are you missing out on?

There’s always been something that called to us when it comes to mysteries or bizarre, unknown phenomena. It’s in our DNA as humans to want to know the reason for which certain things are happening.

Yet, a lot of us stop at the few very well-known mysteries around us, and forget to look further: turns out there is a world full of fascinating, yet bizarre places, some of which can make the disappearances of the Bermuda Triangle seem like child’s play.

From weird natural occurrences to unexplainable structures that are thousands of years old, there is no shortage of weird places! Here we gathered only some of the most interesting ones that we think are going to surprise you! Some of them might even leave you a bit paranoid or even send a chill or two down your spine!

Let us know if you’ve ever heard of these places before or if you’d ever want to visit any of them!

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#8 Spotted Lake Khiluk

British Colombia in Canada is the home of a very unusual lake that will catch your attention and you can spend hours admiring it, despite its bizarre appearance: it’s what makes it fascinating, to begin with. The name of Lake Khiluk comes from its appearance during the summer months when weird spots start appearing on the surface.

That is because of the high temperatures during the hot season, the water begins to evaporate, leaving behind hundreds of mineral deposits that go to cover the entire surface of the lake. In traditional medicine, the lake was and is still thought of as being a mystical healing spot, and has been used as one for hundreds of years.

The mystery however lies in how all these mineral deposits are gathered up underneath the lake and how it has been flying under the radar for years for modern medicine. Despite this, it is something some people on this Earth will never get the chance to see, so if you happen to be around the area during summer, you should pay this weird, spotted lake a visit.

#7 The Red Falls

Antarctica is known for many different things, but one of them that has fascinated everyone with how bizarre it is is what’s known as Blood Falls. You’ll find this waterfall on one of the most remote continents, in one of the coldest and driest places on Earth.

Slowly draining into the McMurdo Dry Valleys, what makes this waterfall weird is not its name but what brought it about, which is the color of the water that is blood red. Scientists believe the eery color of the water comes from the red algae that live in those waters, combined with other bizarre bacterial life forms that have made the waterfall their home.

Despite this, how these bacteria and the algae live in such harsh, freezing temperatures is still baffling biologists. Moreover, the biggest question of them all, which makes this landform and its secrets some that have yet to be unraveled, is the scientific anomaly that it even exists: with how horrible the cold is on the Antarctic continents no one can explain how this waterfall does not freeze over all the time.

#6 The Great Pyramids Of Giza

Egypt is world-famous for its ancient history and impressive ancient sites, but one of the things that comes to everyone’s mind when they think of Egypt is, obviously, the Great Pyramids of Giza. They’re famous and well-known to everyone who has even remotely heard of Egypt before, yet it is still bizarre to think about the way they were created!

Archaeologists all around the world still do not have an answer for us, as the structures were brought up over 2000 years ago and the techniques used for them are yet to be unveiled! Thousand of stones have been used to bring up every pyramid, a feat that would be hard to do even with today’s technology as every stone weighs about 2 tons.

This leaves the impressive structures a scientific anomaly for the times they were brought up and still leaves us with many questions. We may never know how they were built, but we can still admire how impressive they are.

How do you think these pyramids were built?

Image By CassielMx From Shutterstock

#5 Island Of The Dolls

This one is definitely extremely bizarre and it has attracted the paranormal community for years. Be it the fact that the island is full of creepy dolls that no one knows how they got there or the fact that the island has been deserted for so long everything is covered in an air of intrigue and with a lot of grime, making everything even more unsettling, Mexico’s Island of Dolls brings out a lot of questions.

The island has amassed a ton of legends associated with it: from urban legends that say that the dolls that hang off the trees were put there to appease and honor the soul of a young girl who died there, to others claiming that the island is haunted.

The haunting claims to go as far as to say that this is what keeps people off the island and some claim that the dolls will move on their own, all their appendages moving at random times.

This isn’t something that can be verified, especially since the height of this so-called haunting occurs at night, on a deserted, off-the-grid island and our imagination can play a lot of games with us in such bizarre environments. However, people cannot disagree with the theory either and locals stay away from the island.

One thing is for sure: the island is very unsettling and no one can tell us who hanged all those dolls there only to leave the island deserted.

You won’t catch ME visiting this creepy island!

#4 The Door To Another World

Not many can pinpoint where Turkmenistan is, so this Door is not a common fact known to many of us. However, the state hosts this so-called Door, which is in fact an open crater that has appeared only 40 years ago.

Besides the bizarre ways in which this crater has suddenly appeared, what baffled everyone is how the crater caught on fire all these years ago, creating an ever-burning fire.

Being the sixth country in the world when it comes to natural gas reserves, some people think that there was a drilling accident that made the crater appear, yet no one can tell how it caught on fire as all the land around is barren.

However, with so much gas around, any little spark can ignite a fire, even one that will continue to burn even 40 years later. This is nothing new, as we have our own ever-burning fire, here in the United States.

You can read more about the mining town of Centralia and its still raging fire here.

Image By seawhisper From Shutterstock

#3 The Crooked Forest

We’ve all seen a tree or two in our lives that was just weird looking: from bad choices of Christmas trees to bizarre-looking trees on our hikes, we have seen them all. However, we haven’t seen 400 pine trees all bent in an unusual, exactly the same shape.

This forest from Poland got its name from the weird shape of its trees, which have yet to outgrow it. This part of the forest is said to have been planted back in the 1930s when Germany took over this part of Poland.However, who planet the trees and how they ever got in this weird position is still a mystery! No one has been able to explain the shape, nor how the trees grew in such a shape.

Some believe this was made with some tools in order to scare people, while others blame the horrible snowstorms that hit the region, claiming it must have been some really bad ones that made the trees look like that.

Despite all of this, no one can prove what happened to them and why they are all exactly bent the same.

#2 The Michigan Triangle

All of us have heard about the Bermuda Triangle, but have you heard about the Michigan Triangle? It is an area on Lake Michigan that has become notorious for the fact that boats and planes that try to cross it mysteriously and bizarrely disappear.

It becomes even eerier when you realize just how close it is to the mainland and the city! At least with the Bermuda Triangle, it is somehow remote from any important cities and people can easily design a route around it.

The Michigan Triangle isn’t in the middle of an ocean, but right in the middle of a high-traffic area. So many years have passed since planes have flown over the area and boats passing through that it has started to vanish without a trace, yet no one can offer any explanation as to how it happens!

There are even eyewitnesses who claim to have seen them disappear in the blink of an eye! Just like the Bermuda Triangle, it is scary to think such a place exists and that it is so close to us, without anyone being able to explain it!

#1 Yonaguni Monument

Have you ever wondered if maybe the lost city of Atlantis was real? This monument off the coast of Japan’s Ryukyu Islands is believed to have started forming over 5,000 years ago, however, no one knows how they were made.

This mysterious and bizarre site was discovered in the 1980s and it has baffled everyone since then, as it seems to be an underwater city: it has tall straight walls, even spaced pillars, and even stair-like structures, which leads some to believe that someone built it like that.

Despite this, there is no evidence that shows it was manmade, and people still speculate that it appeared as a weird, yet natural phenomenon, though even that is still uncertain. One thing is for sure, this Atlantis resembling, magical-looking underwater kingdom is a sight to behold and explore if you ever find yourself traveling to that side of the world.

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