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11 Signs You’re About to Dine in A Bad Restaurant

bad food restaurant

Nothing beats a good meal out at a restaurant with your friends and loved ones. Tasty food with no cooking or cleaning? Honestly, it’s a win-win situation! However, a night out can be easily ruined by a subpar meal, especially when it comes to one that’s simply too expensive to boot. However, if you want […]

6 Educational Travel Ideas the Whole Family Will Love

Educational Travel Idea

Need help figuring out where to go on your next vacation? You’ll LOVE these educational travel ideas! Embarking on a journey that combines adventure with education is a fantastic pursuit for families seeking meaningful experiences. Imagine traveling through historic landmarks, experiencing scientific wonders, and immersing yourselves in various cultures, all while creating extraordinary memories. These […]

9 Incredible Civil War Sites History Lovers MUST Visit

Civil War Site

Every history buff will love these Civil War sites! Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey through time? From museums to battlefields, there are many Civil War sites that offer a captivating glimpse into one of the most climactic periods in our nation’s past. The locations we’ll be uncovering hold stories of sacrifice, […]

Top 8 Oldest US Settlements You Can Still Visit

Oldest US Settlement

Discover our nation’s past in these oldest US settlements! Adventure In America is going on a journey through time as we explore the oldest US settlements that still stand as testaments to our country’s rich history. These remarkable towns hold tales of the earliest settlers who laid the foundation for the country we know today. […]

10 Best Museums in the US REALLY Worth Visiting

When was the last time you visited a museum? America is an amazing destination that boasts numerous breathtaking destinations and must-see attractions you shouldn’t miss. Whether you’re a tourist or already live in the country, these are the best US museums you need to visit. Foundations that preserve and house lots of gifts from the […]

8 Fascinating Yet Bizarre Places Weirder Than the Bermuda Triangle


Which weird and bizarre places are you missing out on? There’s always been something that called to us when it comes to mysteries or bizarre, unknown phenomena. It’s in our DNA as humans to want to know the reason for which certain things are happening. Yet, a lot of us stop at the few very […]