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5 Ways to Avoid Hidden Airport Fees

hidden airport fees

Do you know about these hidden airport fees? If you are a travel enthusiast, you are probably flying pretty often, but did you know that the average airline fee per passenger in North America reached a record high of $168.02 in 2022? All of those extra fees can put a damper on your travel dreams, […]

5 Bucket List US Road Trips to Take in This Lifetime

bucket list us road trips

These bucket list US road trips should not be missing from your traveler’s passport! When it comes to a bucket list US road trips, a lot of people name Route 66 and the Pacific Coast Highway in California. While these are definitely trips that you should be going on to be able to experience some […]

10 Stunning Places to Visit Before They Disappear For Good


Don’t postpone that trip any longer! Go for a one-in a lifetime adventure while you still can! There are some truly amazing places on our planet, places that are definitely worth visiting at least once in your life. Unfortunately, some of these stunning spots are slowly, but surely, disappearing. The main causes for their demise […]

4 Common Mistakes Tourists Make in Texas

common mistakes

Don’t make these common mistakes when you’re in Texas… Have you ever been to Texas before? If so, then you already know how friendly and open-minded the majority of the folks living there are. Starting with people and all the landscape you’re going to see, everything seems marvelous about this state. However, I’ve done my […]

6 Fun Types of People You’ll Meet on a Cruise

people you'll meet on a cruise: 

Here are some types of people you’ll meet on a cruise:  Going on a cruise is the dream of many individuals, especially after seeing a ton of movies that illustrate the experience. Now, after a lot of time struggling to save the necessary money for it, it’s time to pack your bags. The cruise awaits! […]

Enthusiast Photographer? You’ll Love These 4 Beautiful Places

enthusiast photographer

Are you an enthusiast photographer? Then pack your bags and go enjoy the U.S. scenery!  This is one of my favorite articles to write here on Adventure in America, mostly because I am also an enthusiast photographer with a low-budget camera and accessories, but the feeling I get when I have them in my hands […]

Exploring the Most Magnificent Train Routes in the U.S.

Leave your car at home and explore these magnificent train routes in the U.S. I know you’d be more tempted to go on a road trip, but what do you think about a change? While you shouldn’t anticipate train travel in the US to be as quick as it is in Asia, choosing the train […]

Free Hotel Stays: Myth or Reality? 6 Proven Strategies to Find Yours

free hotel stays

Did somebody say free hotel stays? Yes, this is possible! According to a 2023 survey, 68% of global travelers consider accommodation costs a major factor when planning a trip. This is why you can find so many tips and tricks online about how to get cheaper accommodation or how to get cheaper first-class flights, […]

5 Travel Trends Going the Way of the Dodo: What to Ditch this Year

travel trends

These trends are becoming less and less popular! The travel landscape is constantly evolving; new travel trends are born every year, and the old favorites are simply fading away. Right now, 68% of global travelers prioritize unique and immersive experiences over generic sightseeing. Also, 25% of people are actively looking for eco-friendly accommodation options. These […]

5 Camp Cooking Hacks: Mastering the Art of Outdoor Meals

camp cooking

Elevate your outdoor experience while you are still enjoying mouthwatering meals—this camp cooking guide is all that you need. Make unforgettable memories around the campfire! The best thing about camping is that you get to spend time outside in nature. And this activity is becoming more and more popular. The Outdoor Industry Association reported increased […]

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